Question Diference between 3.5mm jack power output and USB type c audio output plus are there good type c to 3.5mm audio adatpers for pc?

Oct 29, 2019

First of all the hardware I am using is a Acer Predator Helios 300. I love loud music. I have a over the ear pair of headphones(more like a gaming headset because of the mic) and earphones with a 3.5mm(Xiaomi i think) plug and Huawei with a usb type c plug that came with my phone.

Usually I use the 3.5mm jack for my audio output but once when I did not have the pairs used in the 3.5mm jack I tried to use my usb type c ones. What i found out is that they were much louder. Given that the usb type c port is much more universal and capable delivering and recieving power(of course this depends on the usb type use specified by the OEM) I thought that If I would plug a usb type c to 3.5mm adapter in the laptop then it might have a better power output then the 3.5mm jack on the laptop.

I ordered a simple adapter. It works on my phone but it does not register when plugging it in my laptop not even mentioning something about increased power. Why is it so that the adapter is capable to work on my phone, but not my on my laptop while the usb type c headphones work on both? Maybe then there are any good over the ear headphones with a usb type c plug? Would really like to understand this.

Hope someone is better informed then me to shed light on the matter.


The volume difference is not just because of the connection power, but also on the efficiency and resistance of the headphones.

You can get a lot of higher end audio equipment to drive your headphones better, you need to do a bit more reading about headphones first to decide what you want to try. Once you learn about why things do what they do, you can properly pick out hardware.

Also, if you like how the USB C headphones sound on your computer, and work on your computer, why are you bothering with adapters? Just use those headphones.

If you don't use the mic on the headset, you will have a lot more options to get better sound.