Diference between i5 750 and i5 660


Feb 3, 2010
I wanna know who is the best for my pc! diference between i5 750 and i5 660 and of course i7 860 and i7 920.which of these u recomanded me to buy?

Differences between all the cpu's you listed.

Core i5 660:
Dual core with HT cpu (HT = hyper threading)
Has Integrated graphics in cpu.
Runs 3.33Ghz with max turbo boost of 3.6GHz
4mb of L3 Cache
uses the LGA 1156 socket

Core i5 750:
Quad core cpu
Runs 2.66Ghz and max turbo boost of 3.2 GHz
8MB l3 cache
uses the LGA 1156 socket

Core i7 860 (mostly the same as the core i5 750):
Quad core with HT
2.8 GHz with max turbo of 3.46 GHz

Core i7 920:
Quad core with HT
2.66GHz with max turbo of 2.93 GHz
8MB L3 cache
130W TDP
Use the X58, LGA 1336 socket, platform. With this platform, you'll have full dual 16x 2.0 pci-e (for multi gpu setup) and triple channel memory. (although these features right now are not noticeable on with normal software.)

Also this socket will have the ability to upgrade to the Core i7 980x which is a 6 core cpu when you're quad core cant keep up with demand. (which will take a while depending on what you're doing.)

Now theres the differences/similarities between each cpu. although i cant say which cpu to go for as i have no idea what you'll be doing.

If your using Rendering, C.a.d, or anything else thats memory intensive. I would go for the Core i7 920 as that platform has triple channel memory.

If your doing video editing/converting, i would recommend that you go for core i7 860 as the it's a little faster the 920 at stock speeds and has more aggressive turbo boost than the 920.

For gaming, It could go to either of the core i5's. If it's game that only use 2 cores or less, i would go for the 660. if the game can use 3 or more cores then the 750 is what i go for.

if your just web surfing, word documents, ect, then i would just go for whats ever the cheapest cpu.