Question Diff between x570 and b550


Mar 4, 2021
I've been confused on this, what's the exact difference between x570 and b550 chipset boards. I heard that x570 boards are better, but with that, comes people saying b550 is better.
I have the boards for x570 and b550 chosen so I just need to know which ones better.

If needed, here are the mobos:

b550 - ASUS ROG Strix b550 Gaming Wifi
x570 - ASUS ROG Strix x570-E

Also, do both have integrated wifi? and should I get a mobo with or without integrated wifi?


X570 is the premium chipset. It comes with the most features and is really intended for the enthusiast or professional. B550, Intel's B was for business, AMD started using the B numbers, so presumably it is the same. You get most of the good features of X570, such as overclocking, but are limited on PCIe lanes. There are cheaper B550 boards with less features, but also higher end ones for gaming.

Your typical gamer only needs the motherboard, a graphics card, NVMe storage, and a few other things.
B550 easily satisfies that requirement.
X570 lets you add additional full speed storage or network controllers, capture cards for your content creators. Lots of additional high speed USB ports.

Integrated WiFi is okay. It can save you some space on the board or an expansion slot. Costs roughly the same to have it vs buying a discrete PCIe card or USB wireless adapter.

Might get locked in to a particular generation of WiFi hardware though, if anything changes in the future. Not that I think M.2 based WiFi cards are going to change anytime soon.


X570 gives you PCI-E 4.0, in all pci-e slots, regardless of source, assuming Ryzen 3000 or 5000. B550, you get PCI-E 4.0, for the first M.2 slot, and your graphics. All pci-e slots, that run off the chipset are 3.0. Many of the better B550 boards come with better I/O ports, in the back, such as faster network and USB ports. If the board says wifi, in the name, it has it on the board, if not, it doesn't.