Difference between AMD 64 3800+ and 90nm revE?


Aug 3, 2005
I searched best I could, so my apologies if this has been asked already!
It seems the 64 3800+ has appeared in most cpu roundups on the net, and still seems to kick a significant amount of ass. The question i have is that on Pricewatch they list two versions, the AMD 64 3800+ and an AMD 64 3800+ 90nm revE, which is 50% more. Thing is the CPU roundups I've looked at from here and elsewhere dont say which one of these they are using. This is kind of important, because I would spring for the $250 one, but if its the $350 90nm revE one they are reviewing for I might as well get the X2 3800 for $400. (Speaking of which, theres no difference in motherboard requirements between a 64 and an X2 right--Sorry I've been out of the cpu loop since I bought my last computer 2 years ago.)

I do know that the one reviewed is a 2.4ghz 512k, which the old 3800+ seems to be, but both have 512k and i haven't been able to see if the revE is 2.4ghz as well, because if it is then the 3800 that was reviewed could be either. At any rate, what is the difference between them (besides core size obviously), and is it worth $100?

Thanks for your help!

shawnlizzle =]

Feb 2, 2005
the older ones are newcastle (130nm cores) basically, they produce more heat, harder to cool, and don't have as good memory controllers as the 90nm revision aka Venice. not really that much difference, but i would say get the venice, because you can push the OC higher.

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The fastest s754 Newcastle is the 3700+. If it is a 3800+, then it is a Winchester or Venice. Both are 90NM, but the Venice is RevE, has a slightly improved memory controller, supports SSE3 and some other minor features. The Venice and the Winchester will perform about the same at stock settings, but the Venice cores OC MUCH better - even with stock cooling and voltages. If you plan on OCing, then get the 3200+ and OC it to 3800+ speeds. If not OCing, then get the 3800+ for about $350...it's released now.

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