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Difference between gaming and office chair!?


Dec 22, 2014
Silly question, but I have never owned a gaming chair so not too sure of the difference between a gaming and office chair. Wanting to buy a new comfortable chair, but deciding what one to get and why. I play games, but also do work


A perfect example of slapping "gaming" on something and charging more for it.
Get a chair you like, and is comfortable. Dont worry about gaming, office, work etc.
"gaming" usually entails arm rests, some form of head rest, and more padding (usually). Work chairs are usually cheaper overall. I personally am using this wood desk chair the college gave to me. I still game just fine.


when i think gaming chair i think needforseat style chairs which are designed like car racing seats. these are often the type of chair that have gaming tags slapped all over them. office chairs are generally more utilitarian.

you need to be careful with what you buy - just because you spend decent money does not mean you get quality and something which will last. the needforseat dxracer chairs are actually decently built and will last awhile (they have a metal frame). herman miller makes some decent office chairs. i would look for something with a nice metal frame on it - plastic frame and plywood interior style chairs break easily.


depends on the chair really. the gaming racing seat chairs are fairly comfortable however are also fairly pricey. herman millers can be comfortable for some designs but also are pricey. as for regular office chairs they can vary - some are comfortable while others not so much.

the big poofy padded ones are comfortable at first however that padding (foam) crushes over time and eventually they will not be poofy anymore. mesh designs may not be as comfortable up front however there is no foam to crush down over time. the harder foam designs with stiffer padding are a bit more durable than the soft foam designs so is midway between.

its all what you want to spend and what you want to do. you could easily make do with just about any office chair at your local office supply store. the only reason i was suggesting something heavier built was that i go through a chair every 2 years since they break down. although i have to admit i lean back in my chairs as well which could be part of the issue.