Oct 16, 2006
I am getting ready to upgrade my current ASUS board to a newer board. What is the difference or advantage of these two boards one vs other.

They both support Intel Duo 2 cpus. They both have dual gigabit ethernet. They both have only the keyboard interface. Must use usb for mouse. They both have e-sata and sata interfaces. 8 channel audio;they both can use the same memorly. They're five dollars apart in price on newegg. So why would one purchase the Premium over the Deluxe?
well first of all if u want to upgrade your motherboard , get P5K-E instead of DELUXE , its cheaper and the difference is that P5K DELUXE has one more copper and also one more GIGABIT LAN ,

but for P5K DELUXE VS PREMIUM , i think PK5-PREMIUM is more expesive because of this :

To celebrate its 18th Anniversary, ASUS has released the 3rd Generation Black Pearl Special Edition P5K Premium motherboard. This new motherboard utilizes specially-designed technologies that provides overclocking up to 100% faster speeds in water-cooled systems; and stays 40ºC (72ºF) lower than other thermal solutions. The P5K Premium also comes equipped with built-in native DDR2 1066 memory support that can be overclocked to DDR2 1400. Additionally, it is able to provide users with stable CPU power and 30% reduced power ripples during heavy loading; while signal delivery is enhanced with low cross-talk for even faster speeds. Furthermore, it provides cooler operations, enhanced 8-channel HD Audio with built-in AI Audio 2 and a host of innovative tools and features.

which isnt very imporant