Difference between Quad/i7


Dec 12, 2007
They require different mobos and ram.
One is 65nm one is 45nm.
One is dual dual core. The other is a native 4 core with a IMC.
One system cost alot more than the other.
One system is alot faster than the other in just about everything.
They are different archs.

Those are main things in simple terms.


Jan 1, 2009
First of all, the i7 packs a new architecture and comes in a new cpu socket, so u will have to buy a new mobo. Also i7 mobos only accept DDR3 memory. These components makes the entry-level i7 platform a lot more faster than any previous dual or quad core , even the $1000 extreme editions. Also, the i7 features 2 processing threads per core, so u will virtually have 8 cores (thats the way is shown to the OS). As someguy7 said, the i7 platform cost a lot more, but the performance is just amazing. If u have the bucks, definitely buy it.


Oct 14, 2008
I dont, Im wanting to keep my build around 1200 or less. I just wanted to know what the difference was... a Quad Core is still going to be fast right? Being im coming from a Pentium 4!
Anything current is fast from a P4.

The i7 is faster, and doable in a $1200 budget

For a pure gaming build, you can get a better graphics card and better gaming performance for the same budget with the Q6600.

Basically, it all depends on what kind of stuff you'll be using it for.


Oct 14, 2008
I did the same build with the Q6600, with a i7, new mobo & new ram, it was about $1750. lol I know, Im stoked about getting a 2.4ghz quad & OC it to 3.0ghz.

It's going to be smokin fast compared to what Im running now. :'(


Oct 30, 2008
I just built this system for ~$1250 ($1295 -$60 Rebates). (Newegg.com of course)

i7 920 (overclocked to 3.2 Ghz) $294.99
Asus P6T $249.99
OCZ 6GB DDR3 1333 $189.99
EVGA 9800 GTX+ $209.99
WD Raptor 74GB $99.99
Corsair 650W Power Supply $99.99
Zalman HSF $49.99
Zalman Adapter for i7 $9.99
Lian Li Case $89.99

Recycle your old DVD burner, perhaps even the case and use your old HDD as a storage drive and your all set. The rebates even bring that price down to <$1200. If you reuse your case (or not buy a Lian LI) you can get a GTX 260 for your video card and stay in budget.

Just a thought...


Simply put, Core i7 is perfect for those who have a lot of cash to burn. The setup performs much better, but value for money is lower. You'll have to spend more to maximize the whole scheme, in my opinion.

Maybe that'll change as this year passes, and components that work well with i7 become more affordable. Here's to Moore's law pushing down the bill!

In short, if you're looking for maximum performance, go i7.


Oct 14, 2008
I just did a i7 wish list & its a little more than the Quad but not really enough to matter... My question is, on the Quad build, I have a HardDrive cooler, a PCI slot case cooler for extra cooling for my video card... & those two together are around $40.. NOW, Do I N E E D a fan to cool my hard drive? I've read that it helps & what about the PCI slot cooler?


Oct 14, 2008
Also, on the i7 build, i went with the GTX 260 which is $274.
On the quad build i went with the GTX 285 which is $100 more than the 260.

So total for Quad Core Build = $1,244.69 (thats with the better video card)
i7 Build = $1,342.92

Be honest with me, no fanboys..... I dont know a lot about when new CPU's come out & all that...but will a Quad Core OC @ 3+GHz be a good build for a few years for gaming with the GTX 285? or is the i7 really worth that extra few hundred dollars? Wont it be cheaper in around 2 years when games start requiring more from our pc's?
I’m tempted, but will wait awhile (3 Mon -> 9 Mon) for dust to settle and see what the horizon looks like. My current MB is a 965-DQ6 rev 1 and I can not go with a 9550/9650 Proc (Rev 3 will)

My upgrade cost would be between $650 and $725 depending on choice of MB and Memory. Hopefully, in this timeframe, I’ll see a drop of about $100.

Proc: I7 – 920 $290
MB: EX58-UD3R $185
EX58-UD4P $240
Mem Muskins
3x2 1333 $175
1600 $140
HSF cooler est $ 50
** Need to see if My Son has Vista 64 (For free of coarse)

From Current System, would use:
Monitor: Samsung T240HD
PSU Antec Quattro 850
GPU Powercolor 4870/512
HD 2 ea wd or Samsung (Will use the pair that have Vista)
Blu-ray writer LG-H20L
Plextor 755SA DVD Writer
Case Coolmaster 690CM

NOTE: I have Back-up for all of the above parts so that I’ll still have a E6400 as a BU computer. Basically returning my E6400 back to it's original state.

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