Difference between Radeon 9600's



Captain Obvious says avoild the 9600SE if at all possible!

ATI name their cards in the following order from weakest to strongest: 9600SE, 9600, 9600Pro, 9600XT.

The Captain says the SE is particularly bad as they do nasty things to it!

Get the Pro!

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Jul 17, 2003
SE stands for 'Stinky Edition'(i give ALL credits to whoever said that first, cant remember who)

Actually, from what i understand SE has slower memory and is not as good of a card.

If you dont need the software, go for a 9600pro OEM by ATI, Sapphire, or another forum suggested brand.

You can get an OEM ATI 9600pro at Circut City for 173.99. They have a great return policy and if you have one close you wont be outa luck if somethings wrong with your card!

If you want to order online, I suggest www.newegg.com. Great prices and Fast shipping! Ive never had any problems with them!

A pro will deffinently out preform an SE, but i dont have the benchmarks, its kind of one of those 'trust us' things!

Edit: Man Cap'n you beat me to it!
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Ill have a Sapphire 9600pro for sale as soon as i get it back. Had to RMA and theyre sending me a new one!
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Jun 26, 2002
SE stands for 'Stinky Edition'(i give ALL credits to whoever said that first, cant remember who)
AFAIK, it was me.

Radeon 9600 XT = Good, Expensive
Radeon 9600 PRO = Good
Radeon 9600 = Not good
Radeon 9600SE = Radeon 9600 with 64 bit memory interface, Avoid it at all cost (Only buy it at gunpoint)

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