Question Difference between these two ways to use vpn

Mar 15, 2022
I would like to learn the difference between using a vpn service provided by vpn focused providers and using a vpn service provided by seedbox/data hosting focused providers such as seedboxco(which I'm using).My seedbox provider seedboxco allows me to install openvpn on seedbox and than openvpn app gives me a .ovpn file.And than I import that file to the openvpn client on my pc to use vpn.It seems that this particular vpn service utilizes something called proxy which is considered to be risky for my anonymity according to various anonymity checking websites.
What I would like to know here is that which is more secure and why?And also which one would be more useful for which type of use cases?(generally speaking)
Thanks to anyone who spared their time to read.

Math Geek

if you are using openvpn on the seedbox, then you are using a vpn and not a proxy. a vpn is a vpn is a vpn so how they function is no different from any company you get it from.

the difference is what info the company is keeping on your habits and what they do with it. the vpn service will keep browsing data and other such info to sell or otherwise monetize. even a paid service keeps this info despite claims they do not.

the advantage you have with running openvpn on the seedbox is that YOU are the vpn provider and can decide what if any info to keep about your habits. the trouble here is that the vpn only secures the connection from your pc to the seedbox, therefore the seedbox provider can see the overall traffic and know where it is going. this of course brings back into play what they are collecting and what they are doing with it.

seems like you need to look up some basic defs on what a vpn is and what it does in various settings. this will help understand how to use one and when to accomplish specific goals.

all a vpn is/does is create an encpyted connection between 2 points. your pc and the server at the other end of the connection. it's how you use that connection that determines it usefulness or not.