Question Differences After Cloning From Sata SSD to NVME SSD

Sep 9, 2021
Hi, this might be a dumb question, but I was wondering if there were any major differences if you clone from a sata ssd to a nvme ssd, specifically the speed of the os (Windows 10 Pro). I've heard that if you clone from a hdd to a ssd, then the os will run fairly slower and to instead reinstall windows completely onto the ssd. However, I wonder if there were similar issues when cloning a sata ssd to a nvme ssd. Would there be any significant differences or should I just reinstall windows onto the nvme ssd?
The only problem that would make an SSD perform slower when cloning from an HDD that I'm aware of is if the partition wasn't 4K aligned. But this is practically a non-issue if using recent stuff. The gist of this problem is that SSDs, at least when they were really taking off, used 4K sectors while the hard drive may be using 512-byte sectors but formatted with a 4K sector file system. The file system sector could be misaligned to the physical sector on the hard drive, and when you clone the hard drive over to the SSD, it'll keep this misalignment. Now the SSD has to access two sectors for one file system sector.

Since practically every storage drive made in the past 5-6 years uses 4K physical sectors, this shouldn't be a problem anymore.