Different About Internet On Phone and Mobile Hotspot/USB Tethering

Nov 13, 2018
Hi tomshardware community.

I want to ask about the Internet uses Hotspot and USB Tethering what is the difference?

I explain more. In Malaysia it has Telco that offers Internet Unlimited but is limited to use within the device only, and for Mobile Hotspot this telco is limited to 5GB / month only.

I just used the service from this Telco a week ago and I found out when I opened Mobile Hotspot and I connected it to another device, I have Quota for Mobile Hotspot dropping fast than I connected the Internet using USB Tethering.

Can I know different about the Internet on my phone is different by using Mobile Hotspot / USB Tethering? And another one I would like to know just what Telco is doing like this? it can detect when I open Mobile Hotspot / USB Tethering and use the 5GB / month Quota.

I hope there are some of you experts who can answer my questions. Thank you. Sorry for my broken English ([strike]I need Improve my language haha[/strike]).
The phone is designed to tell the ISP when you open the hotspot application. It is reported the same as if you run tethered.

Most ISP clearly state that hotspot is considered tethered.

The ISP can offer the "unlimited" on phones because they know people can not really use that much data. It is all marketing to get people to buy higher plans than they really need.

The only way to fix this is to root or jailbreak the phones so they do not report the usage. This is only partially effective since the ISP also monitors the traffic and can easily see that you are accessing some site that only works on a pc or game console. They know for example if you are playing world of warcraft or watching netfix 4k video you likely have a external device attached.

Some ISP will cancel peoples accounts that they determine have intentionally bypassed the tethering restrictions.