Question Different brightness and richness of colors between AMD and NIVIDA Cards

Jan 5, 2020
So i was using AMD card for my previous desktop and now i got RTX2070 for new one using same monitor tho, i noticed that there is this weird white weak brightness all over monitor and inside games richness of colors is weird off kinda annoying me a bit.
i read somewhere that default profile setting for AMD cards is different than Nivida if thats true how can i tweak my settings to match that of AMD or if there is another solution?
ofc i try to play around in nivida control panel but still cant get it right


You cannot change this. NVidia compresses textures and color bit to improve FPS performance (which they use to market top-tier performance over AMD) and when these textures are called upon to be displayed you get those compressed texture colors. It's their way of boosting performance.

This is mostly done for their gaming cards, for the video editing or business professional cards like the RTX titan or Quadro, I would presume they do not prioritize FPS over color fidelity and thus give you full color range.