Different cards, same model


Apr 21, 2009
Is it possible to SLI cards of the same model but different makers and specs? If I get a OCed card with low memory, then get anther one with slower clock but more memory, can they combine to make a super card? Or if I get 2 cards of same spec and model but different makers, will they SLI? Will there be micro stuttering problem? Thanks
Best to get them both the same, or as close as possible. For SLI you need to have the same amount of memory and the same number of shaders. You can't SLI a GTX 260 sp 192 and a 260 sp 216 as far as I know. As far as having cards of different speeds you can do that, but with one card rendering slightly faster than the other you might see a more noticeable microstuter in many situations.