Question Different CPU temperatures in the same game over different sessions ?

Aug 11, 2022
I was looking for similar problem but it was always sounding similar while being completely unrelated.

When I turn on a game CPU temperature quicky rises to ~90deg.
I would look for solutions related to heat management, new paste, throttlestop but then I turn on the same game 2 days later or even 2 hours later and temperature remains within ~70deg.
Temperature that was reached over first few minutes remains more or less the same until i turn off the game (with occasional ups and downs)

It's not related to any condition around PC like air movement or temperature. Game uses the same settings on both playthroughs and this already happened on few different games. Also it's not related to performance since in each case low/high graphic settings 70/90deg I always have stable fps.

Did someone have similar issue? Do you know what might solve it?
Thank you ahead
include system specs with ALL component's make & model plus time in use,
average CPU & GPU temperatures while idling and while running different intensive games,
and the average ambient temperature in the room.
When I turn on a game CPU temperature quicky rises to ~90deg
run a couple rounds of Prime95 for an hour or so each and see what max temperatures are reported.
Aug 11, 2022
It's laptop MSI GF65 Thin 95D.
It has Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-9300H CPU @ 2.40GHz and GeForce GTX 1660Ti.
Idle temperature is around 35-45 degC depends on weather but when I have internet turned on (90% of the time it's around 45-55). Additionally there are sometimes jumps in temperature but those i can explain with garbage tasks running in the back.

Sorry for late answer
The turbo power limits can and do change. Temperatures may not be consistent because of this. When the power limits drop, temperatures will drop. It is not unusual to get different Cinebench results when you run Cinebench back to back multiple times.

Laptops also use variable fan speeds so the amount of available cooling can change. Laptop cooling systems can also become heat soaked so their ability to cool the CPU might decrease the longer you run a game or stress test. There are a lot of possible reasons for the temperature changes you are seeing. Laptops make horrible test environments because it is very difficult to keep everything exactly the same from one run to the next.

Turn on the ThrottleStop log file option so at least you will have a record of your CPU performance and temperatures. Run a test, wait a few minutes for everything to return to normal and then run a second test. Avoid back to back testing with no recovery time in between.

Post some screenshots of ThrottleStop so I can see your settings.

Laptop heatsinks are completely inadequate. A 20°C temperature change in one second is not unusual.


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