Question Different levels of volume in different apps

Sep 13, 2022
Hello I have had this problem for about a week now. So I got someone to install a SSD in my computer as my hard drive was dying (I just have the ssd ,no hard drive now). All of a sudden, after I got that SSD, my volume got messed up. My speakers were from 2004 and still worked but weren't perfect anymore and had its issues but that was not the problem. I got new speakers (Logitech z625) for my computer anyways and I thought at first it was a speaker problem but even with the new speakers I am having the same issue.

So volume on twitch, windows media player, YouTube and video games are all different (4 examples of what I go on that have audio). Twitch is the most quiet (can barely hear anything), windows media player is the loudest, YouTube audio decent, and video game volume is very quiet (with all having maxed out volume). I have tried many solutions including resetting the volume, changing the volume on each app and each app has max volume but the issue still occurs. I have reinstalled audio driver and that didn't do anything either. Both left and right speakers are 100 volume in volume mixer and moving the volume knob on the speaker either lower or higher doesn't change the fact that the volume levels are different on multiple apps. I plugged in the speaker in a port on front of pc and port on back of pc with 3.5mm aux cable given and still the problem is present.

I have absolutely no clue what the issue could be at this point. I am not a computer expert so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Sorry if you've already done this, but I didn't see you use the exact name.

Open the apps that are having issues then,
Right click on the audio icon in the bottom right, and open volume mixer.
Ensure each item here is equalized.

Open the apps that are having issues then,
You can also open windows settings > sound > advanced sound options (app volume and device preferences)
Ensure each item here is equalized.


It appears then that equalization is not the issue.

Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Any other audio/video related software installed? If so, what apps?

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Is the new SSD the boot drive? And that was the only physical change aside from the new speakers - correct?

Old speakers being - make and model?

New speakers being Logitech 625z - correct?

Did you reuse any cables from the old speakers? You mentioned a 3.5mm Aux cable; there may now be some mismatch.


Are you able to swap in and try other known working audio cables with the applicable Tip & Ring configuration.

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How did the SSD installer install Windows? Clean install, clone, image...?

Try running "sfc /scannow" and "dism".


How to use DISM command tool to repair Windows 10 image | Windows Central