Question Different Speeds On Laptop vs Desktop. HELP PLEASE!

Mar 28, 2019
So Im having an issue with my Desktop Pc getting different Down and Up speeds than that of my laptop. The laptop is a MSI Apache 72mvr and the Desktop has a Msi x399 Meg Creation Board. When Testing the Laptop, Im getting consistent speeds of 900mb/s down and 45 up. On the desktop, I cant get higher than 600mb/s from my Isp.

- Both Have been tested from the same Hardwired connection on cat5e cables as well as on different cables. Cable has been determined to be good.

-Both laptop and Desktop have gigabit NIc. The Laptop from Killer and built into the meg x399; intel I211.

Ive tried changing negotiation to 1.0gbs as well as to auto and couldn't get my desktop to see more than 600mb/s.

Ive updated drivers for the desktop nic to most current and Updated windows as well.

Laptop settings were untouched as they are getting the best speeds.

Any Ideas would be helpful. Thanks!