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Question Different symptoms, all of them graphic related

Jun 27, 2020
Ryzen 7, 16go RAM, 1 SSD 512go (system partition), 1 HDD 2To , Nvidia GTX1050ti. W10 64bits, MB ASUS ROG STRIX X370-I GAMING, 450W power supply

Since a fair bunch of months now, I'm encountering several issues with seems centered around GPU (directly or indirectly). Those are :

- Games freeze to a point I must use Task Manager to forcefully shut them down (a couple of games)

- Black screen on game during about half a second, then game recovers (League of Legends)

- Games crashes straight up with or without error or notice (a fair bunch of games including Code Vein, League of Legends, Warframe, Bloodstained, Shadowverse, and am probably forgetting a couple more, point is it happens in several games but not all of them) . I do not have any notice on Windows Event Viewer as now, but I happened to have those with a different GPU drivers version, I don't remember the exact error but nvidia was mentionned in it.

- Blender crash randomly silently even on a new project (with only a cube, a camera and a light source). However, I do have a couple Windows Event :
Unable to recover from a kernel exception. The application must close. Error code: 3 (subcode 7) (pid=12480 tid=2276 blender.exe 64bit)
The NVIDIA OpenGL driver has encountered an out of memory error. This application might behave inconsistently and fail. (pid=14704 blender.exe 64bit)

EDIT : I also just met 2 Windows Event I used to see on games (from nvlddmkm) :
Graphics Exception: EXTRA_MACRO_DATA

Graphics Exception: ESR 0x404490=0x80000002

- Windows BSOD, often in game, sometimes even doing nothing. It stopped since I did a fair bunch of work on Graphic Driver and a whole Windows reinstall after that, but it used to happens, with the following error code among another I forgot :
Video scheduler internal error

What I tried so far
  • Reinstalling latest drivers after having followed full clean procedure to remove previous driver
  • Reinstalling adviced drivers from GPU constructor (Gigabyte)
  • Memtest86+ on RAM for a night, no error
  • Different benchmark like Furmark, OCCT, no error (10 minutes)
  • Windows 10 full reinstallation (include partition wipe from old one)
  • Updating BIOS firmware, updating others drivers
  • Disabling/Uninstalling/Changing antivirus
  • Reinstalling the differents games/software
  • Closing all uneeded software/game while using the problematics ones
  • Doing a vodoo rite
Complementary information
  • Upon charging both CPU and GPU on OCCT, the maximum temperatures reached after 5 minutes are : 69°C for CPU, 70°C for GPU
  • I do not have any experience in overclocking and I believe my GPU has a default automatic setup about that. It's the first PC I built after a serie of laptop so I don't know what to check more (voltages, OC, ...).
  • I do not have any spare material at hand like another power supply, a old GPU or the like.
Any tips where I could investigate? I'm running out of ideas... Thanks in advance
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