Question Difficult decision, need opinions!

- sam -

Feb 22, 2014
I've had the worst two weeks of my life in regards of computers. Now I seem to be stuck with the worst predicament to make.

Last week my 980ti died and somehow damaged my motherboard (got motherboard to work now) so I ended up paying £1500 on a new system.
However, I now have no GPU but I'm currently using an old 750ti just to be able to run my new sytem with a display.

The problem I'm facing is if I was to get lucky on getting my hands on a high end RTX card I found out my current monitor will not be able to support it without an expensive adapter which costs over £100.
My current display is this -

If I was to get my hands on a new high end RTX card I would either need to buy a that expensive adaptoer or buy an entire new monitor. Sure 1080p displays are pretty cheap nowadays but I'm thnking about going 1440p for the first time. The 980ti I've used with this 1080p display I've never had trouble reaching 144+ fps to matcth the refresh rate. However, if I was to buy a 1440p 144hz monitor how much of a difference would it be? How hard will it be to maintain FPS for the 144hz on a 1440p display?

So these are my options, I need help and opinions if anyone had a similar problem.

1) Buy a high end RTX card and purchase the adapter for my 1080p 144hz monitor.

2) Buy a RTX card which has DVI-D display, such as this one

3) Buy RTX GPU and a 1440p 144hz monitor.

1080p 144hz vs 1440p 144hz. What gpu will I need and is it worth the jump?


1080p high refresh has more or less gone mainstream, but there is still 240-360hz panels for your dedicated high refresh gamers.

1440p 144hz takes quite a bit of power if you want high settings. My GTX1080 is starting to show its age in newer titles, but I am not heavy into AAA titles at the moment.

RTX3070 minimum you will still get decent frame rates, but not maxed out.
RTX3080 should handle most games
RTX3090 is not worth the price gap, I would reserve this for 4K 120-144hz.

Keep in mind people tend to keep monitors longer than graphics cards, so don't feel bad if you get a monitor that your GPU can't keep up with, you will eventually.