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Question Difficult or impossible to switch from a Optiplex 980 SFF to Optiplex 980 ?

Apr 30, 2021
So I'm just getting back into computers and the first cheap one I found that sounded reasonable was a Dell Optiplex 980 SSF which I didn't know mean't it was the small form factor at the time, but now I'm very well aware of that. But I'm needing more room inside because I have upgraded the CPU and the GPU so it needs another fan in there, and the hard drive obviously needs upgrading to 500GB SSD and I want to take it a little further. Also, I know it's not a gaming computer but all the games I run on it run perfectly fine.

I was just curious how hard it would be to switch from the 980 SFF case to a 980 full size case ?

Would I need the different motherboard, and if I did get just the motherboard, would all the components switch over that I've upgraded? Also it doesn't have to be a 980 if the components will switch over to a different motherboard I just need more room hopefully an extra PCI slot or two and maybe some USB 3.0. any ideas or suggestions?

Please don't say "buy a different computer"as that's like the last option if I'm going to go that route I'll just sell the 980 sff with all the upgrades and then start over but I would prefer not to do that. But if financially it makes a lot more sense I'll definitely do that.

I don't need a 1050 GPU in it I just want something that won't bottleneck so bad that it causes major lag cuz I'm old school I'm okay with LAG. I don't run huge games on it I've got a Microsoft account so I play their games like Halo and world of tanks and things like that but nothing that it can't handle already on the highest or next to highest graphic setting.


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

Hard, since the front panel connectors are proprietary.

And yes, it's a bad idea to swap innards from a prebuilt into an aftermarket case, would mean your return on investments are going to be more negative than it initially was.
What is your budget?
What graphics card did you install?
What is the new processor?

Upgrading to a ssd is a wonderful upgrade, and doing so is very easy if you clone the hdd to a ssd.
If anything, a ssd will run cooler, not that either generates much heat.
a 1tb samsung 860 evo is about $110 and the conversion can be trivial.

I would not worry too much about heat unless it causes thermal throttling of the cpu.
If you run hwmonitor, you will get current, minimum, and maximum temperatures.
At idle, you should see 10-15c, over ambient. Much more, and there may be a cooler issue.

To accomplish your objective, just see how you do with a ssd upgrade.