Difficulty overclocking with new MOBO


Jan 17, 2008
Recently upgraded from a G31 asus uatx board to a Q45 uATX asus board. With my old P5KPL-VM i was able to OC without any other adustment from a fsb of 200 to 241 for a clock speed of 2.65 ghz. Now with my new board I can't raise the fsb from 200 by even 10 without it booting. The various fsb adjustments I have tried computer has posted and got to where microsoft logo shows up with task meter going back and forth and than a black screen with HD activity light going off. Surely for a mild 300 or 400mhz overclock I should be able to just raise the fsb. I believe the multiplier for all my attempts were at 11. This is a list of what I have if it helps;

Asus P5Q-EM DO Q45 uatx board saw it on silent PC Review website
2 2gb sticks of crucial rendidtion PC 5400 RAM
E4500 I can't seem to overclcok
Bluray Drive and DVD RW

I had tech guy at computer store reinstall OEM HSF on CPU with new thermal paste