Question Difficulty with Minecraft Server

Mar 5, 2021
This is another "cant' set up a Minecraft server" post ... Hoping someone will be able to help. The short version is that the server works on my computer, but not his.

Both of our computers are hardwired directly to the ASUS RT-AC86U router via ethernet cable. His local IP address is

The port forwarding settings are:

Service Name: Minecraft
Source IP: (blank)
Port Range: 25565
Local IP:
Local Port: 25565

When he runs Minecraft on his own computer and direct connects to, he connects. However, if he enters the external IP (obtained from the "Network Map" page of the router settings), it yields the error:

Failed to connect to the server$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection timed out: no further information

I get the same error from Minecraft when I try to connect to from my own computer.

But here's the kicker ... If I run the server on MY computer ( and change the Local IP port forward settings accordingly, EVERYTHING WORKS. I can connect to the Minecraft server using either my local IP, or the external IP.

So far I've checked:

  • re-confiming the IP address of my son's computer
  • the VPN software on my son's computer is not enabled
  • the Minecraft files on both machines set the port to 25565 (default)
I'm grateful for any help on this.
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What is the end objective?

You have and run a Minecraft Server "A" on your computer.

Your son has and runs a Minecraft Server "B" on his computer.

You both will be/ could be running your Minecraft Servers at the same time?

If I follow correctly you are trying to use the same IP address (

Each Minecraft Server needs its' own IP address. So there is nothing wrong with using for the second Minecraft Server.

Also wondering about this:

"However, if he enters the external IP (obtained from the "Network Map" page of the router settings), it yields the error: "

Where is that external IP address being entered? (Note that IP address may be your public IP address so do not reveal the full IP.)

My overall thought is that you will need to assign a static IP address to each Minecraft Server. That/those Static IP addresses must be outside of the DHCP IP address range allowed to the router.

The Static IP Address's should also be reserved on the router for each Minecraft Server via the host MAC.
Mar 5, 2021
Sorry if I wasn't clear... The end objective is "Run the Minecraft server on my son's computer (.166)." In the past, it ran on my computer (.48), but now that he has his own computer, I want to take my computer out of the equation completely.

I set the port forwarding to point at his computer and run the server (on his computer), and we lack connectivity.

By contrast, when I set port forwarding to point at MY computer instead, and run the server (on my computer), everything works. Great - but it's not my end objective, though it does rule out several possible causes.

Does this clarify things?
Mar 5, 2021

Ok... I figured it out. It was a combination of two things;

First, McAfee security, which was shipped with my son's PC was running, and managing the firewall settings. I uninstalled everything related to McAfee, and installed Avast Free for basic antivirus protection.

Then I went into the Windows Advance Firewall settings, and looked not only for Minecraft - but for anything related to Java. Oddly, there was nothing listed; no rules at all. Rather than manually create the rules, I manually ran Java itself, and at some point, it prompted me for the creation of rules allowing java.exe and javaw.exe.

Once these rules were in place, traffic was permitted through, and the server worked. Many thanks to those who replied.

This is the video that pointed me in the right direction: