Question Diffrence in power connector with 2k series and 3k series, 4k series?


Feb 22, 2015
I want to upgrade my Rtx 2070 Super. Im wondering if the psu connectors of the 2070 compatible with the 3080 series or the 4080 series? I don't have much technical know how in building pcs but I've done a few gpu swaps back in the early 2000 and it was much simpler back then.

Do I need a new psu (I'm using 850w corsair modular) if I'm going to transition to the new 3000 series or 4000 series? If I get the 3000 series is it the same connector type? I just plug out my 2070 and insert my 3080 and use the psu connector that my 2070 are using and connect it to my new 3080? Cause I heard the 4000 series use a diffrent plug.


As far as I know the 30 series, other than nvidia founders, all use 8 pins except for the RTX 3090 Ti. That being said all of the ones which use a 12 pin and the 40 series 16 pin come with an adapter for 8 pin connectors. So if your PSU is good quality and enough for the card you're looking to buy you don't need to worry about it.


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