Question Diffrent wires for front pannel

Mar 22, 2019
I have a old computer and i upgraded it with better specs but when I went to plug in the power button, which looks like this on the bottom ::.:::: ,there was nowhere to put it. Its incompatible with this motherboard as far as I know. I was wondering if there is any work around to this without having to buy a new case?
The mothereboard is the ASRock b450m-hdv r4.0
And the old case is a dell vostro not sure what version but it has a pentium and windows 7


Your motherboard manual will have the location and layout of the front panel header.
If you have a diagram of your current motherboard front panel layout you should be able to figure out
which pins are pwr, rst, hdd-ked, pwe-led.
Separate the front panel leads and connect them individually.
You may need to wire new pin connectors.
This may be difficult to do, in which case, buy a new case.


If you are decent at wiring you can trace the wires to the switch or led they connect to and then remove them from the cases connector and put them on the correct motherboard pins individually.

For the power and reset switches, the polarity wont matter. A switch is just a momentary short circuit.
For the LED's, you see there will be a common color each led will have, often its white but I've seen black, & green also, This common color will the go to the - (negative) pin on the motherboard header for that led.

Where you might run into issue s is if your Dell had audio & mic on that one connector also. At that point I would suggest getting another case .