Question Digital license linked to MS account on multiple devices?

Feb 15, 2023
Hi! So few years ago i have bought an already build pc with windows Home 10 installed on it, also the license. I create microsoft account and linked the license to my account.

Now a year ago i bought a laptop with windows home 10 installed. Im not sure if it had windows license or smthng but i dont think so. So I logged in to my microsoft account, coz i wanted to use same acc , didnt want to create second wantand the windows was somehow activated. Now i have windows activated on 2 devices with my license that is linked to my ms account.

I heard is illegal to use one license on 2 devices but why did it let me to use it and doesnt deactive itself now? Everything works fine. Or could it be that my laptop had windows activated when i bought it and when i logged with my ms account it just uses this new license?

Im not sure, im using it for longer time i thought u can now use one license on more devices. I also wanted to build now a new pc and use my microsoft account too...