Question Digital tapes conversions

Nov 3, 2018
I found my old Panasonic video camera in the loft, it still works and I still have the tapes

Its a Panasonic NA-DA1 (first came out 1999)

I'd like to save the tapes if possible they are still in good condition

There is just the one outlet socket on the front of my camera

Now the problem is---,

How do I connect it to my PC and download the tapes ?

(I have Win 7 on one PC and Win 10 on the other)

I have tried a firewire to USB, but it doesn't show up on my PC, comes up with device not recognised

I have tried the software that I used on Win XP (that is great for editing films I already have as AVI's

But it wont download from the camera

I have downloaded other software, but even they cant find the camera either

I don't have a scart lead on my pc, just USB sockets, I don't have the red, white and yellow sockets either

I don't want to send them away to get converted to an AVI or MPEG

Is there any machines out there that are going to cost me a fortune (to by or rent)

Is there any way I can connect it to my PC? (so it finds it)

I know the camera is old, the tapes play fine, but there must be a way of converting them to AVI, MPEG's

Even using a player that connects to a PC, by USB


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What ports actually exist? I'm assuming you have Firewire, as it can connect, just not recognized?
Chances are, it's a driver related issue for why it's not recognized.

I can;t actually find any info on that camera...