Question Dilema on which SSD M.2 should i pick?

Jan 29, 2020
Hi friends, soo i am on this dilema on which SSD M.2 should i buy... in terms of long use, and performance, but first let me tell my Spces... I7700K, 16GB RAM DDr4, 2070 GTX OC, and 2 SSD Samsung Evo 860 - 500 GB, the reason to look up on this subject is because i just loose one HDD WD Blue, and how i need to replacet, before this hapen i was using the 2 SDD that i have one for Win10, programs, and the other one for games, and the HDD for data... now my idea is to put win10 on the M.2, and using the 2 SDD i have for game and data...

After a long research i came up to 3 options but i don't know which one will feet my needs...
- Samsung Evo 970 Plus 500GB (122€ur)
- Western Digital Wd Black Sn750 500GB With heatsink (112€) in some reviews they said the performance it was almost the same has the Evo 970, but this was the feature to have the heatsink, and ican save 26 eur on buying a heatsink
- Crucial P1 CT1000P1SSD8 1TB (115€)- This one is a bit doubt, because of his price and for having 1TB howeever, it haves a lower speed of write...1750Mbps i know is not must but than again is 3 times faster than Sata SSD, but has have a lower speed... how must years can it hold on... especially because for next year i planing on update my Mobo and CPu...

Any idea which will be better for my needs??
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