Dilemma in buying a new Dell Laptop


May 23, 2012
Hello Everyone,

I am going to buy a Dell Laptop ASAP (that is as soon as dilemma is solved)

I'm interested in Inspiron 15R special editon laptops.
Here is the link:
Budget isn't a problem i would buy any of these. But any of these only.

I have a serious doubt as you can see on this page, two of these laptops are shown with "With Dedicated Graphics Card" while other two are not. But if i go to customize page, all are shown to have this card. : AMD Radeon™ HD 7730M DDR3 2GB - ICC
So i dont understand how two of these have Dedicated Graphics while others Discrete.
I had a Live chat with Dell Sales Executive, he told me go with the Dedicated ones for better graphics performance.
I'm gonna play a lot of games on my laptop so graphics is what i are about the most.
Also there isnt a 1080p HD available so will have to stick to this display only.

Please help me which one of these to buy. Thanks.
In my opinion, what you are seeing is marketing hype. Two different descriptions for the exact same thing since dedicated and discrete are the same thing in graphics cards. Why do they label them that way? Probably to confuse the customer to make comparison difficult (a common PC marketing ploy). Seems to me ram amount and CPU's are the only real difference between the different models there.