[SOLVED] Dilemma with new RAM being downclocked due to old (single stick) RAM


Feb 8, 2016
Recently, I bought 2x8 gb of Corsair 3000mhz RAM so I could have more in my system. I used to have 2x8 Ballistix 2133mhz RAM, but one of the sticks stopped working entirely. I purchased another single 8gb ram of the same model and took a gamble with it but they wouldn't work in dual channel. With the new RAM installed, I can have 24gb of RAM, but it underclocks the RAM to that of the older stick (2133 mhz). Otherwise I could have 16gb at a higher clock and having all the sticks be in dual channel. Which would be the better option? Also, is there a way to force the 2 older sticks to not run in dual channel so I could have all 32gb?
Nov 5, 2018
Whenever you combine different RAM, they all run "together", in the respect that they all have the same clock speeds, etc. Your 2133MHz RAM cannot be overclocked to 3000MHz, so therefore your 3000MHz RAM is being downclocked to 2133MHz. Also, you should have identical memory in each of the same colored slots on your motherboard. If you have one stick, that is fine. But it you have three, it is better to remove the odd stick, in your case the 2133MHz one. You should try to keep an even number of RAM sticks in your PC to make it run the best you can.
For things like games, and most desktop applications, you are probably better off with just the 16GB of faster RAM. New game releases have only recently started benefiting from having access to more than 8GB of RAM, and it will likely be a few years before having more than 16GB will provide any significant gaming performance benefits. Unless you have some specific need for it, for the near future, that extra 8GB will likely just be sitting around not doing much other than slowing down your other RAM.