Dimension 8400 cpu upgrade


Jan 24, 2010
i have a dimension 8400 that has been upgraded completely.
i installed 4 matched 1 gig ddr2-667 ram chips from dell
2 sata drives. a 320 for programs and a 1tb for documents
a sata bluray player/dvd burner.
i installed a 4870 512 visiontek[pulled from my main rig when i upgraded to a visiontek 4890 OC(1 gig ddr5 950 stock core and 1050 stock mem]
512 usb flash drive used for superfetch/readyboost
today i installed an antec 650 psu[had 2 do a little bit of cutting, no big deal]
it currently has a 775lga p4 540 @ 3.2ghz

the highest supported cpu would be a p4 670 3.8 ghz so im wondering if ill see any improvement going from a 5 series to a 6 series with a jump of 600mhz. i know the 600 mhz jump wont be MIND BLOWING. its only 600 mhz but i know the jump from 5 to 6 series brings a few improvements with it most notably being the 64 bit interface which would allow me to partition my drive and run win7 64 alongside my current win7 32.

i tried an install of STFU before all the upgrades, most notably being the video card. i had a 4670 in there that required no external power connectors. i got on lowest possible settings and 1024x768 res.......6 fps!!!!! abismal! so now after all these upgrades i installed it again and guess what?......8 fps! i was pissed when i read the requirements and it clearly states that the game need a dual core cpu. i dint understand how i could run a brand new game like Rogue warrior even before the upgrades and get a constant 60fps and now with all that work and money get only a 2 fps increase in STFU.

i now realize that many games are cpu dependent as well as gpu. lesson learned....READ THE REQUIREMENTS ON THE BOX COVER! DUH!

anyways back to my original question. cpu dependent games notwithstanding, would i see a performance increase by going up to the 6 series with an 600 mhz increase in clock speed?

as always, thanx in advance, you gurus are awesome!
Well for the most part you will see little to no increase although it would be good to go to the 6 series for the 64bit. Your 32bit win7 only uses 3.5 gigs of your 4. If you can find one cheap id say go for it but i wouldnt spend more then $30 for it because its simply not worth it at all.


Jan 24, 2010
thanx for the responces. that 40.00 cpu is not a bad deal at all. i was thinking more along the lines of a 670. that would be 6 series at 3.8 ghz. ive found a few on online stores but they're asking wayyyyy too much.
there are a few on ebay in the 70-100 dollar range, free shipping, 100% positive ratings. thinking about it.

my next build will def be based on a q9950 or prob an i7 or i9. that will bring triple channel ddr into the picture and prob a 5890 series card. ill probably go all out on this one. def a future proof system. right now the main rig is connected via hdmi to a 60 inch DLP

Asus p5e-vm hdmi mobo
4 x 2gig corair at 4-4-4-12 timings
e8400 run stock at 3.0. had it up to 3.8 on air with stock cooler but wasnt always stable. 3.6 was.
sata bluray player/dvd burner
1- 1tb sata for storage
1-640 gig sata with window 7 ultimate 64 bit
1- 500 gig sata with xp sp3 on 1st partition, windows 7 ultimate 32 bit on the other
antec 670 watt psu
visiontek 4980OC stock at 950 mhz core 1050 mhz on the memory. i havent overclocked it yet. no need to really!
16 gig usb2.0 flash drive with 4096 mb dedicated to ready boost.
logitech wireless KB n mouse. good reception from 15+ feet away.

i have no plans to do any upgrades to this rig. the swap to a quad really aint worth it yet. by the time enough apps and games come out to make good use of 4 cores it will be time for that new rig to be built anyways.

i do have a question about the readyboost if yall would humor me:
was enabling superfetch and ready boost and this usb drive of any real value considering the amount of ram, 8 gigs of the best supertimed i could get my hands on. or do i just have 2 more unnecesary processe running?

i could think of alot of other things to do with that 16 gig usb drive.

thanx in advance for your help and may GOD bless us all!