Dec 30, 2021

I have one complicated problem.

I got a PC. Intalled fresh Windows 10. BEFORE install, I booted PC with 2x4GB DDR3 Ram sticks and it worked fine. I took out one stick and installed fresh Windows 10 (I took it out because I hoped that I'll solve problem with glitches. I tried for few weeks to install Win10 but I only got glitches on screen. Odd colors and lines. Tried installing it with USB and CD, and got same) . Now, when Win10 is intalled (with only one stick while installing it) I CANT boot PC if I have any stick on DIMM2 slot. I CAN only boot if stick is placed on DIMM1 slot (one next to CPU).
I checked sticks in other PC. All works.
When I turn on PC, fans are working, HDD is working, GPU fan is working.
But on monitor it say: NO SIGNAL - ENTERING POWER SAVING MODE while PC still work.

What I already did:

-Removed CMOS battery on few minute
-Removed all components then put it back (CPU, all cables from PSU etc.)
-Updated BIOS to 7721v85 version (last one)
- Windows 10 is 1909 version. I downloaded it from Torrent site and installed via USB. Updated to last one (21H2 I think)

Aaaand still nothing.


CPU: AMD Athlon X4 845 Quad Core 3.5 GHz
Motherboard: MSI A68HM E33 V2
Ram: 2x4 GB 1600MHz DDR3
SSD/HDD: 1TB (IDK model)
GPU: AMD R7 250 2GB
PSU: 560W

Anybody have idea what it could be?
How is this different than your Dec 30 thread?


How is this different than your Dec 30 thread?