Question Direct X 11 games crash if they go windowed/borderless


Apr 3, 2014
A little backstory on what happened: Playing R6 Siege, game crashes once during game play, crashes second time sometime later, and as R6 crashing is very rare I decide to update the drivers to 452.06. Updates prompt restart so I restarted and now attempting to run any Direct X11 game in Windowed/Borderless will result in the game crashing instantly.

BeamNG ->
When windowed: GPU Not responding crash.
When full screen: Works perfectly fine

Any Unity Game (Including Unity itself): d3d11.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
(No exclusive full screen options)

R6 Siege DX11 ->
When windowed: Crash on startup
When full screen: Works perfectly fine

Alt-Enter from full screen to windowed will crash the game. (Same for BeamNG)

R6 Siege Vulkan ->
When windowed: Works perfectly fine
When full screen: not sure

Runs fine windowed, I believe its doing a DX9 fallback
Other source based games also run fine.

Vulkan/OpenGL/OpenCL/DX9 applications work perfectly fine. (All Tested windowed except OpenCL).

Already Tried:
DDU, drivers to 452.06 (Newest)
DDU, drivers to 451.48. (rollback)
sfc /scannow, says that some files could not be fixed.
sfc /scannow in safemode, says that some files could not be fixed.

Currently Trying:
DDU, drivers to 446.14

16GB DDR3-1600
Maxwell GTX 860M +135 Core, +200Mem (2yo overclock, stable)
2x 1TB 860 EVO
Asus G751JM

Returning the OC to stock does not solve the issue. During the last R6 Siege crash GPU temp was at 71C. (R6 was running fullscreen when it crashed)

Other Problems:
CSGO hard freezes the system during gameplay but not on 1600x900 windowed. (all fullscreen resolutions hardfreeze, including windowed above 1600x900).

In conclusion, running any DX11 game in windowed/borderless will result in it crashing. Is there any fix?