DirectX, Windows XP, and Video Cards

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Dec 23, 2009
Before I ask the question, I believe the answer is no, but since I have very limited understanding of how all this works I'm interested in the facts others can dig up.

The question, then:

1) Can a computer running Windows XP Pro 32bit, with a directx10 and 11 supporting video card, run a directx11 supported game in directx11?

2) If not, then is it true that only among Windows Vista and 7 versions, Directx10 can be the version used by games that support it (as long as a directx10 video card is part of the system?) And then, also, Vista will be upgradable to directx11...and so with a directx11 video card and the update, both Vista and 7 will support directx11 games?

3) Perhaps the overall question from me is... In order to utilize directx10 or 11 functionality in games supporting them, the Windows version I use must also be able to support directx10 or 11?

Answers above - in body of quote.
Not open for further replies.