DiRT DX11 coming in December?


Nov 11, 2008
I'll have to wait till i get home before i can read a gaming site.

I am not familiar with this game, is this something I will care about owning? What features of DX11 are they planning ot impliment in it? :D
Tesselation, MT , and ease of use/programming . In their words:
"Codemasters hopes to improve the appearance of water and other surfaces, crowd animation, and enhance depth of field, ambient occlusion and shadows with AMD's DirectX 11 tech. "
AMD is assisting in this game, you may call it, TWIMTBPOATI if you will heheh
"The shader performance of Shader Model 5.0 (SM 5.0) will aid in creating an even richer 3D experience, enhancing key image quality parameters such as depth of field, ambient occlusion and shadows. These DirectX 11 features, and many others, will add the horsepower needed to improve performance."


So, having DX11 is adding more to our gaming by just being able to do more eyecandy we currently have, in wider and better ways. To me, thats very welcome. It ups the available resource/usage, which allows the devs to add in higher forms of eye candy
Will we see new enhancements? No, other than tesselation maybe. Will we see a wider usage of current enhancements thats not been seen in most games, most likely.
Using the Crysis analogy doesnt quite hit the mark. Crysis is crippled without DX10.1, and the free 1 less pass, cause everyone knows Crysis looks much better with AA on, imagine if it were almost free?
It depends on utilization of DX10.1 and DX11 for DiRT, and how current DX10, DX10.1 and DX11 cards stack up.
Unfortunately, the only enhancement differences we'll see cant really be compared, unless its console vs PC, and we all know the outcome thatll be. In a game to game comparison, just relying on DX10 vs DX11, every game uses differing amounts of enhancements, while also totally excluding others, so itll be tough. The best we'll be able to do is get that overall effect, and a games genre comes into play here as well.
Nonetheless, Im looking forwards to it, and more