Question Disable IGPU on Nvidia Optimus laptop VIA bios?


Jan 28, 2018
So far I have optimized my laptop (MSI GL63 8SD) rather well, getting over 3000 in cinebench r20 on the CPU.

(I have officially ditched my actual PC at this point. My laptop is nearly double its performance.)
((Only thing that limits me is the igpu. I can't use DSR and that's seriously ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ me off))

I have undervolted the core by -300, igpu by -100 and cache -144. And its been stable for a few weeks now.
(Temps hit 65c and 70c under full load 3.9 - 4.0ghz 45-60watts max fan speed, and the GPU never goes past 65c.)
((I always monitor my temps and usages, I am not a noob at this.))

Since MSI already included fully unlocked bios, I found out I can overclock my ram which gave my CPU a boost in performance, and the memory bandwidth was better too. 2666 to 2933mhz

I also overclocked the screen to 67hz. I couldn't go anymore or else the screen would start to glitch but I have a feeling that's something to do with intel because if I hook up my 4k monitor which is 75hz, it'll display 75hz on my laptop's screen too.

I found these settings in the bios. I don't want to change them in the risk of bricking my laptop, even though after 3 bios crashes it'll automatically reset itself, I don't want to risk it.

(This isn't a modded bios, this is official. Left alt + right ctrl + right shift and f2 unlocks the hidden bios) (bios photo, and cinebench)

If I set the primary display to PEG, will the screen be running on the 1660ti? I really want to play the new COD at 1440p and I know this laptop can handle it at 1440p.

^^ It handled Batman Arkham Knight and multiple other games at 4k ultra. The monitor on my laptop even displayed the 4k res with my external monitor plugged in but turned off. That's the proof right there that INTEL, the POS is limiting my damn refresh rate and resolution on a $1500 laptop... Fucking ridiculous.

Oh, and I also found some CPU overclocking settings... Tried them already, didn't work sadly... It booted into windows just fine, but it ignored whatever I set :p... damn you intel!