Disable Integrated Graphics for New Discrete GPU

Jun 16, 2018
I recently purchased a RX580 after using the integrated graphics on my Ryzen 5 2400g for a while. I installed the graphics card into the computer–no problems there I believe–and downloaded the drivers. The radeon software recognizes the GPU, however, the CPU and motherboard are having some trouble. When I go into BIOS, there is no indication that a GPU is plugged in and when I go into advanced mode to turn off the IGFX Video, turn on the PCIE/PCI Video, and save and exit, it reverts back to IGFX Video when I check BIOS again.
If your display cable is plugged into the dedicated GPU, there's no way for the iGPU to be used instead.

If you installed the drivers for the rx 580 successfully, then that's the GPU that's currently in use.

You don't need to disable it from the BIOS... it's automatically disabled since the display cable is connected to the rx 580.

Are you sure that's what happens with the amd apus?
Because my mobo (intel CPU though) has settings in the bios and the igpu does not get disabled with a dGPU installed,in fact I have them both running at the same time.


Feb 22, 2013
I know this is an old post. but maybe it'll help someone else.
If you're concerned that your discrete card isn't taking over, open task manager and go to the performance tab. Play a video or run a small game, and see if the utilization changes under "RX580".

As you can see, my integrated APU is not doing anything, and my dedicated GPU (the Vega 56) has 4% idle utilization. That's how you know if it's set as the primary GPU.