Question Disable power saving when lid closed

Nov 22, 2021
Hello i have the MSI GP73 Leopard 8RE laptop. Yesterday i bought a monitor, the samsung odyssey G5 27". He's working fine but what I want is to close the lid of my laptop and still use the monitor. For that i searched on internet.

I saw a guy that had the same problem and solved it so I did like him (see the image):

This didn't solved the problem.

Another guy with an MSI laptop had the same problem and he did the thing above but it didn't solve the problem so he disabled fast boot then it worked.
I did it but it still doesn't work for me.

A guy said that you could definitively disable the power save mode inside the bios so I followed the instructions but the guy went through someting called "CPU Configuration". I searched everywhere and I didn't had this option.
So I searched on internet how to get this option they said I have to update my bios so I went to my laptop's driver page and searched for the bios and I saw that it had only 1 bios version and it was the one that I have.
I need your help please I don't know what to do

EDIT: Found a solution but it's not the most convenient: you have to disable the intel graphic card inside the device manager.
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