Question Disabling Bluetooth Audio Switching


Jan 12, 2014
Hey guys,

I got these semi-cheap Chinese bluetooth headphones, "Maxco Beethoven"s. I was planning to upgrade when I got back to the US where prices are better, but they're actually pretty decent and I wouldn't mind keeping them around except that they've got one problem.

It seems like they try to switch the audio to what I'm looking at. For example if I'm on a call in Discord and I look at a news article and a video starts playing, the audio in Discord turns off and I can only hear the video. Then if I stop the video or close the article, the audio in Discord doesn't come back! I have to kill Discord and start it again. It's not just Discord, other things behave this way too. Skype calling doesn't work at all, I can never hear anything. When I test the audio in Skype settings, I can hear the ring, but when I actually get on a call, can't hear anything. If I'm looking at one Youtube video and start another, it disables the audio of the first, even though it's still playing and isn't muted.

I assume the operating system must be assisting this in some way, I'm not sure how else the headphones would be able to disable audio in one Chrome tab but not another. Unsurprisingly, I can't get support from the manufacturer, so I'm wondering if there's something I can do about this on my end? Thanks in advance.