Question Disappearing SSD

Oct 11, 2019
I have a Asus tower with a Intel i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60 GHz. It has 16 mb of ram. It has a 500gb SSD. It is running Windows 10

Suddenly a few weeks ago when I would come in to work on it in the morning, it would be in the BIOS screen. What I have realized is that when it does this the SSD is not seen in the list of drives you can select to boot from. Randomly after waiting or trying to reboot the drive will reappear and boot normally. It has now done this while I am in front of it and it will go to a blue screen of death with a stop code of critical_process_died. Then after this is when it tries to reboot and the drive dissappears. I tried to clone the drive in case it was going bad but the code fails with a read error that says could read because of bad sectors. Also at the boot up screen I see the message Media Test Failed - Check Cable. But it will boot thru that sometimes and come up to Windows.

I checked the Power and SATA cable and even replaced the SATA cable. No difference.

Would this definitely be the SSD going bad? It is about 2.5 years old.

Thank you for any help.


The storage device looks being in working order.

Btw : Please read this little guide on how to take images from a screen while inside windows, much easier than using a camera.

Then time to dig into trouble shooting:
  • Did you make any change to the computer, software or hardware before the failure occured?
  • Did you built the rig yourself ?
  • Have you updated the BIOS lately ?
  • Have there being any other problems to the computer ?
However - you do in fact have a 1 where you may expect 0, at the Program Fail Count parameter. I haven't encounter this one before, but according to this site:
Only for SSD drives. Total number of Flash program (firmware) operation failures since the hard drive was manufactured.

I think it looks not so good, but I think others on this forum have a better understanding on this specific parameter and if a recorded value of 1 equals certainly a bad device.