Question Disconnecting and reconnecting WiFi solves ms lag in video games for some time in most cases. Is my laptop WiFi catcher broken???


Aug 13, 2016
I think this basically occurs sometimes after long laptop usage. I noticed when i disconnect from a network connection while i have 80-120ms to 200-500ms and reconnect my ms then goes back to 20-40ms, then its that until some time passes away then ms lag happens again.

200-500ms occurs mostly? when teamfights or a lot stuffs is going on in video games. I cant tell for sure because this happens randomly. 200-500ms lag sometimes goes down by itself to 80-120ms but its unplayable when its important(well not so for video games), so i always alt tab and reconnect to play at 20-40ms, losing 14 seconds to do this. Sometimes im unlucky using this method to fix when its 200-500ms lag, it rarely dosen't fix it then itself by time(1-4?minutes) goes to 80-120ms(for 2minutes) then by time again if im lucky i have 40-120ms. To simplifly how my lag goesits like this:

Without reconnecting = 20-40ms (random min later)-> 80-120ms or 120-500ms (3min later) -> 20-40ms to 120ms till 80-500ms occurs again randomly. This is happening like 3-12 times in an 20 minutes game match.

With reconnecting = 20-40ms (random min later)-> 80-120ms or 120-500ms -> (I reconnect) -> 20-40ms (80% of time this reconnecting always work) or -> 80-120ms from 120-500ms (20% of times its like this when it dosen't work)

Router or I use: VDSL-Modem Fritz box 7560
ISP and connection type : 1&1 / DSL
There are 6 devices connected to same router 5phones and laptop. Only laptop is active to use connection, i doubt other devices are reason behind this, nothing is begin downloaded.

Honestly i think my router is just too old, broken or i have ISP error connection with game server. I can confirm this by usb network adapter i have attached on laptop. Every time i get this lag or if videos on youtube don't load instantly a small light from it is sparkling slowly (on 200-500ms) or when its 80-120 is sparkling faster. I wana know is there a way that i can know laptop is not behind this that has bad connection or is there a way i can fix this issue rather than reconnecting every time when i get ms lag.