[SOLVED] Disconnecting display gpu clock speed locked at 300mhz

Norwegian frost

Feb 2, 2016
Hi everyone!
I’m kinda new to this forum but I was having some weird issues and thought someone might be able to help.
I have a triple monitor set up with a Gtx 2080 ti.
The problem arose when I went to unplug a monitor to plug in my valve index VR.(keep in mind I’ve done this a lot) When I unplugged the monitor I noticed my computer slowing way down. I opened GPU-Z to see that my gpu clock speed was locked at 300mhz. Memory was at 100mhz. Once I plugged the monitor back in everything went back to normal clock speeds.

Ive tried a few things like disabling the monitor in windows and trying to unplug a different monitor. I’ve also tried shutting everything down, unplugging a monitor then turning it back on. Same issue.Ive wiped the graphics drivers with DDU and reinstalled the latest drivers.(roll back was grayed out) I have checked windows for Corruption and fixed something but I still have the same problems.
Idk what else I can do.
Any thoughts or links on the subject will be greatly appreciated .