Question Disconnecting from a specific game

Sep 3, 2020
I am not very tech savvy, so I apologise if this sounds extremely stupid to some of you. I'm just hoping I can get this resolved.

I currently have a GE63 Raider RGB 8RF, which can run pretty much any game pretty solidly. However, on a specific game, it consistently causes my main wifi to disconnect, specifically only on this laptop. Any other game, I am able to play to my hearts content without fear of my internet dropping randomly. However, it does not cause my router to stop working, I verified this with my other laptop and my phone - the main wifi is still able to be connected to, but on this laptop specifically, there is an outage of connections constantly.

I've made sure to enable it on my firewall, public and private

EDIT: The game also causes my upload and download speeds to plummet entirely. I do not use an ethernet cable, but a family member has one and uses it
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