Question Disconnects from wifi when file explorer is opened

Jan 26, 2021
So, first things first, I'll say that I have a laptop, so I don't have an external wifi card, this laptop is only a month old and has had the issue from receiving it. I have checked task manager and resource monitor when loading file explorer and see nothing that takes up more than 0.2% network. The problem affects all of my system, if I'm in a Discord call, watching Youtube, listening to Spotify, in a Google Meet, all will be disconnected for roughly 5-10 seconds or until i close file explorer again.
I have seen numerous other forums related to this issue, some saying that they had some bloatware and could uninstall it after seeing it launch on task manager, some say drivers can play a role, others say the wifi card is at fault, and others have said the ISP may play a role.
I believe the wifi card shouldn't be the issue, given it is brand new from the manufacturer, I can't see any programs launching alongside file explorer, and I have all up to drivers for the wifi card, the latest being from 2017. The most likely issue I can think of would be the ISP, as I have been getting less than half the promised download speeds, however I don't get these issues on either of my other two laptops, so I'm unsure why it would affect this one.
My troubleshooting hasn't gotten me very far, which is why I'm turning to here, as this will be my final port of call before contacting the manufacturer for hopefully a replacement if I cannot fix the issue.
For those that may wonder, the laptop is an ASUS FX-705D, the wifi card is a RTL8821CE, and my ISP is Sky,


Do ensure that the laptop only has one network adapter enabled. Either wired or wireless (in your case) - not both at the same time.

I would not immediately exclude the wifi card on the grounds of being "new". However, I would manually download the drivers via the manufacturer's website, reinstall, and reconfigure to the network. Just as a matter of elimination.... Again "up-to-date" is one thing. Possibly corrupted is another.

Windows 10?

Look in Reliability History and Event Viewer for any error codes, warnings, or even informational events that correspond with the times that File Explorer disconnects WIFI.

Reliability History has a timeline format and is much more user friendly. So start with Reliability History.

Try running the built in Windows 10 troubleshooters. The troubleshooters may find and fix something.

Likewise run "sfc /scannow" (without quotes) via the Command Prompt. Sfc may likewise find and fix something.