Discord and Google Chrome do not work

Dec 10, 2018
This week I built a new PC, https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Graymac_12/saved/cvNCbv, and after installing the most recent version of windows and drivers Google Chrome and Discord do not work. When I try to connect to a discord server it stays on the orange voice connecting in the bottom right and eventually says RTC failed to connect. I have tried every possible solution and nothing works. Now to Google Chrome: I cannot sync my other profiles or load any webpage as it spins and eventually says failed. I have also tried most solutions with no success. My CPU EDC is at 95% always and idk what that means neither does anyone around me.

Thank you for the help!
Jan 27, 2019
I’m having the exact same problem! Ive build a highend pc aswell this month
My Chrome isnt working 90% of the time and discord works 50% of the time iT keeps saying rtc server connecting

For Some reason mc edge works (fast) and voice calls with battlenet chat works instantly
Ive managed to get discord working after rebooting several times and starting this as my first Application , i cant mix iT up with games 50% of te time

Overall my Windows feels slow dont know of you have the same problem

I hope Someone knows what to do Aboutaleb this

EDIT: ive done several clean installs of win 10 pro 2015 iso and used the Windows upgrade tool to get the latest update



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