Discord Enters the Game-Selling Business

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Yeah, all of these platforms coming up & the many subscription services -it's becoming too much. A few are nice, but too many is too many. Consumers are now paying more for less unique content as all of these subscription services add up.

I'm not sure why Discord thinks they can break into Steam's platform at the same profit arrangement. I would think anyone wanting to become a successful platform would need to keep their cut below Steam's 30% - so 25% or lower would be enticing for developers.


Dec 17, 2009
I love steam but lately its been flooded with low quality "games" that forces me to spend time to look for the good stuff and its getting progressively worse. Valve needs to step up the bar on quality to be able to sell on their platform or at-least separate the 50% crapware (IE thoose indie's that don't give a shit about their product) from the real games (aaa + indie who cares about their products) or i can definitely can see myself leave steam in the future.
[quotemsg=21218181,0,884511]I really see no reason I'd be interested. I don't like monopoly, but there's something to be said for boot times when I'm only loading steam...[/quotemsg]

you know your PC is bad when you still worry about boottimes in 2018
What the hell are you all going on about here?

It AMAZING that more companies decide to give games distributions a try. The market, as it stands, is currently dominated by Steam and Origin (PC) and in the wider picture, AppleStore and Google Play Store.

Discord will fill a nice gap in-between and, if what they've been doing so far reflects in that, they will do just fine.

And remember: more competition is ALWAYS good.

[quotemsg=21219845,0,73281]With this many stores and game clients we might as well go back to swapping optical discs.[/quotemsg]

yeah, you really should. and that's what they want, no disc, all download, everybody has to buy a license then, see?


Aug 31, 2017
I'll stick with Steam. They've made acquisition easy so I can play 99% of what I want. I get some great deals every once in a while too.


Aug 5, 2015
Steam's dominance is over. The large companies are tired of funding Valve and are moving off Steam. Steam will become a distribution platform for smaller developers.

Companies aren't moving away Steam just because they want more money. By selling games on Steam, they're funding a competitor. Valve is not a neutral third party. Valve makes games that take away sales from other games.

Imagine how you'd feel if you made a card game and sold it on Steam, then you saw Valve announce Artifact. The money from your card game helped Valve make Artifact and now Artifact is going to take sales away from your game.

I don't mind having my games on multiple services and having multiple accounts. It reduces the risk that I could lose all of my games. If Steam disappeared one day or if for some reason my account was banned, I'd lose hundreds of dollars worth of games.


Aug 27, 2008
If they wanted to really get a leg-up on Apple/Valve/etc. they'd only take 50% of revenues. Really though, sometimes it's not clear whether having one big dog like Valve or several trying to be is actually better for the consumer. I like having my games all in one consistent database, but realize these companies always end up greedy and corrupt.
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