Question Discrete GPU not being used (Helios 300)


Nov 3, 2014
Hey folks. I have a Predator Helios 300 (2019) (I5 9300H + RTX 2060) (PH-315-52) and just yesterday, it started not wanting to use the RTX 2060 GPU in the PC for games and other tasks. It kept wanting to use the onboard Intel Integrated GPU to run tasks. My laptop would also get BSOD and the videodxgkrnl error when I try to shut it down.

I reinstalled the Drivers on the Nvidia GPU and that seemed to fix it. I was able to automatically alternate between integrated and the discrete nvidia graphics card - but when I woke up the next day the problem relapsed. The laptop would not want to use the RTX 2060.

I eventually went to the Nvidia Control Panel ----> Manage 3d Settings ---> then toggled Global Settings to always use the High Performance Nvidia processor.

I was wondering if there's a solution out there that doesn't require doing this? I would prefer the RTX 2060 GPU not be running all the time as it adds heat to the system and also accrues wear and tear. Thank you!