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May 28, 2009
Hi everyone,

Just a break from the grind of helping people out with problems and prospective new parts. What manufacturer/name in the PC hardware industry today would you like to see in the graphics card business? My personal choice would be Corsair, considering their track record for reliability, warranty and build quality, they'd be a serious rival to EVGA on those grounds.


Apr 18, 2008
I'd like to see Foxconn in the graphics game. Hell, they make everything that connects all of our sh*t together as it is, bring motherboards and connectors and probably other stuff I don't know. I've only had one board by Foxconn, the A79A-S, and it's awesome. I'd like to see them try making video cards.

I wouldn't mind a 3dfx comeback either lol...



They did, for 24 hours on April 1, 2011.


Bur seriously, given how corsair is spreading its wings to almost everything now, seeing them in GPUs or even Mobos wont be too surprising. I wouldn't mind the GPU manufactureres selling direct again either.


Apr 3, 2011
I also like the Corsair for hardware. Perhaps Intel could move into the graphics game. They already make integrated chips so it shouldn't be too hard to offer a 3rd name in the game to compete with nvidia and AMD.

I don't see that slapping a label on something built by someone else increases reliability and build quality. Peeps wanna feel warm, fuzzy and comfy about their purchases and they also want things to be "easy". However, easy reliance on "vendor name only" can be a fool's choice as the vendor usually does not define the quality. The majority of "vendors" target products for different market niches and therefore have products intended for the enthusiast, enthusiast on a budget, average consumer and low budge or OEM markets. Relying on brand name ? What's the better choice below ?

Corsair TXV2 or XFX Black Edition ? [Answer: XFX]
Corsair AX or XFX Core Edition ? [Answer: Corsair]
Corsair TXV2 or XFX Core Edition ? [Answer" XFX, comparable quality*, but XFX has much lower purchase cost]
Corsair AX or XFX Black Edition ? [Answer" XFX, comparable quality**, but XFX has much lower purchase cost]

* TXV2 and Core series have identical 9.5 performance ratings on jonnyguru.com
** AX and Black series have identical 10.0 performance ratings on jonnyguru.com

If Corsair is gonna walk in and do what XFX did over the last year w/ PSU's, I'm all for it. XFX is having Seasonic make their units and has substantially undercut the Seasonic and Channelwell units sold by Corsair. If Corsair's gonna offer a comparable product in the GFX segment and undercut everyone else, I'm all for it. But can XFX sustain those low prices or are they absorbing the loss temporarily to gain marketshare and mindshare ?

Corsair and Mushkin remain my memory modules of choice as the user experience over the years has been favorable with regard to price, performance, compatibility and customer service. Gskill is an example of a vendor that jumped into the market with low priced memory modules, undercutting everyone else to gain marketshare...... but that was years ago and now that they are the same or even higher priced than the old established brands, exactly what do they have to differentiate themselves from the other guys ? Nothing that I have seen and, at least in my experience, their reliability, compatibility and support just doesn't measure up to Corsair / Mushkin.

Corsair sells PSU's but they don't make them and we get get comparable products from lesser known XFX at a significantly lower price. I used Corsair HX/AX when the Antec CPX and SG series didn't fit or were higher priced, since XFX hit the scene, they provide a better buy.

Corsair sells self contained water coolers but they are strictly relabeled Asetek units with no difference at all from the OEM product. I don't therefore see how the Corsair unit offers the consumer anything better than the identical one from Asetek. Antec, on the other hand, tho it still uses Asetek as their OEM, has had design changes incorporated into their units that make the Antec versions far superior to the Asetek / Corsair units.

In short, I welcome any reputable vendor into any market as increased competition always benefits the consumer. If Corsair is going to match what EVGA, Asus, MSI and Gigabyte are offering that's one more to look at. But to assume that because they slapped their label on it, it's going to inherently be a better product offering to my mind would be misplaced confidence..



Jun 12, 2011
Hell instead of just a label, I'd like to see more competition in GPU manufacturing, not just ATI and NVIDIA (there are others, but unworthy of any attention to the desktop perspective). Back in my day there seemed to be more players... But my memory is failing and all I seem to remember is my old 3dfx Voodoo1 which was my first card, that must of been in '97, '98?
IDK, seems like people now a days use the same product relabel it and sell it as something else. All you can do is trust the manufacturer (after lots of review and maybe some hands on) but not the distributor. The world needs to be pushed to it's knees again, so that new boundaries can be achieved. Like war does to technology as a whole, competition is good, only then to people go into high gear.