Disk Boot Failure Insert System Disk and Press Enter


Dec 13, 2012
Probably in the wrong place to be asking this...
When a computer says this on bootup it could be for a number of reasons. It could be trying to boot from an external source, the hard drive can be faulty or you may just have corruption in the file system to name a few.

With respect how computer literate are you? You can trouble shoot the following...

Go into your BIOS and check the computer can see your HDD. If it can remove everything from your boot list except your hard drive and try again. If you get the same error your best to try running a HDD diagnostic program before you do anything else. Google it, a number of manufactures provide them for free and you can create a bootable disk. Run that and see if your hard drive is knackered. If it's not then you probably have software corruption and you need to at least find something to boot into to run chkdsk. The original install disk would help.

If you have no idea what I'm going on about you maybe best to take it your local repair shop!