Question Disk Clean up will not delete compressed files windows 10


Oct 17, 2014

I am running Windows 10 and have all the updates installed.

I run windows Disk Cleanup every month or so. When I launched it yesterday, I found a listing that says:

Compress your OS Drive ---- 112 GB

I have never used windows or any other application to compress my hard drive. I put a check mark in this file, along with a few others. It took over an hour to finish. When i looked again, the 112 GB file was still there.

I click on "Clean up System files" And listed in this menu was this:

Compress your OS Drive --- 112 GB

Under "Description" it said something close to this:

"Windows keeps copies of installed Updates from Windows Updates even after installing the updates. Windows update cleanup deletes or compresses old versions of updates that are no longer needed and taking up space. (You might need to restart your computer)".

So I did not select anything but the 112 GB file, ran Disk Cleanup, and then rebooted. I still have this file. I tried it from the first menu (the one you see when you first launch Disk Cleanup) and I have tried it from the menu you see when you click on "Clean up System files". I have tried to do this many times, rebooting after each try. No luck.

Can anyone help me delete this file? I can not figure out how to find it when I search my hard drive. Also, could I run a 3rd party application that will delete it?

My system is 64 bit. All my drivers are up to date. My hard drive is a 1 TB Samsung SS drive.
Using Samsung's utility, it says my drive is just fine.

Any helps or tips greatly appreciated.

Thank you