Disk error has occured press ctrl + alt + del to restart


Sep 4, 2012
I have an Acer Aspire 5732Z here. A friend of mine had a disk in the disk drive and said that he opened the tray and the disk was no longer there, but actually inside the laptop. He managed to get the disk out but it went fully into the laptop. He did all of this while the laptop was still turned on. I dunno whether it turned off itself or he turned it off after that, but now it constantly comes up with A disk error has occured press ctrl + alt + del to restart on boot up.

I have downloaded ubuntu and placed it on a disk, and booted the disk up using F12, it goes to a purple screen for a bit, then goes to a black screen and doesn't do anything else. If that helps?

I do not have a recovery disk for it. Is it physical damage or just a corruption somewhere? Any ideas on how to solve this problem?

I am unable to use F8 on boot up also, as it is not there.

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