Disk Read Error


Mar 3, 2012
I've got two hard drives, first one is a 2Tb SATA drive, the second a 500Gb PATA/IDE. I needed to copy everything from the larger drive to the smaller drive, I made up two new partitions and formatted them to slightly larger than the original drives and used CloneDVD to copy the partitions.

The original 2Tb HD was the c: and the PATA was the d:. When I remove the first one and plug in the second one, I receive a disk read error. I put in my Windows 7 disk to repair the installation of windows and it IS in the list to repair, however, I still received the disk read error. The hard drive is just fine and I have a feeling its a problem with the drive letter.

Can anyone give me some suggestions? I can also use another software to re-copy the bigger disk to the small one. The partitions on the larger disk have been fixed to fit on the smaller disk.
You have to use mirroring software that is specifically designed to do this, that will rewrite the boot sectors of the drives so the right drive will be bootable. You cannot simply use a direct cloning program or copy program to mirror an image of an OS drive to another drive, it won't work. (well, it can, but it is a severe pain, its better just to get the right software that will do it correctly in the first place)
Acronis True Image will do this, I think it is one of the best cloning tools out there. There are some others, just search, but I suggest Acronis. It's fast, easy, and it just simply works.
Partition sizes does not matter, the only thing that matters is the amount of data on the drive you cloning must fit where you are moving it too, that is all.